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Ductless Systems: What They’re Good For


What do you know about ductless HVAC systems? You may have seen them a few times before in buildings and not quite known what they were (something that looks like a window AC unit, except it’s high on the wall and doesn’t extend through the back of it). Maybe you’ve read a bit about how they’re growing in popularity in the US after spreading rapidly around Europe and Japan. If you’ve thought that perhaps a ductless system may be a good idea for your home comfort, this is the post you’re looking for. Our team handles services for ductless systems (a.k.a. ductless mini split heat pumps), including installation, and we can give you a rundown on why they’re good for many homes.

They Both Heat and Cool

Ductless systems are types of heat pumps. Heat pumps are refrigerant systems that work similarly to air conditioners, except they can reverse the direction they operate so they can work as heaters as well as air conditioners. Ductless systems work as solutions for both heating and cooling your home—two issues taken care of at one time.

They Eliminate the Need for Window ACs

Do you live in a home that doesn’t have any ductwork, making it necessary to provide cooling through window air conditioners? If you are, then ductless systems are the best way to free yourself of using the space-hogging, ugly, and inefficient units. Ductless heating and cooling systems have a single outdoor unit that then attaches to multiple wall units around the house. It’s easy to switch over from window ACs to the wall units—and you’ll enjoy better cooling and energy efficiency as well. (Plus, it’ll be great to have your windows back bringing light indoors.)

They Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

Duct-based systems can collect excess dust, lint, and debris inside the ductwork. Whenever the AC or heater comes on, these debris is blown out into the living spaces and continues to circulate. A ductless system doesn’t have this problem because there are no ducts to collect harmful air pollutants.

They Work Great for Remodels, Add-On Rooms, Room Conversions

When doing a major home remodeling or adding on a room, you’ll have to make expensive changes to the HVAC system to provide comfort. This isn’t the case with a ductless system. You can do the remodeling, build a new room, or covert a room like the garage or attic to a living space, and instead of altering the current HVAC system, you can have a ductless system take care of the new space.

They Offer Energy Savings and Convenience

Ductless mini split heat pumps have higher energy efficiency than standard heat pumps because they don’t lose energy through the duct walls. They also offer the convenience of zone cooling and heating: you only need to turn on the room units in spots that currently need comfort.

To find out all you need to know about the installation of ductless systems in West Chester, PA, speak to our expert technicians. We offer 100% customer satisfaction.

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