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Signs a Furnace Is Getting Too Old


Here is something you definitely don’t want to happen in mid-winter: your furnace suddenly fails on you. And not only fails, it dies. The sort of breakdown that the furnace can’t come back from. You’ll be stuck having to purchase a new one. 

No matter what you might imagine or what someone else may tell you, this shouldn’t be the way your current furnace ends. You shouldn’t run it until it collapses. That’s both wasteful and potentially unsafe. Instead, watch for the indications your furnace is getting too old to keep. Getting ahead of the problem and having a timely furnace replacement is the best way to move on with your home heating.

The furnace’s actual age

The first way to tell if a furnace is too old is to see how old it really is. The manufacture date should be on the inside of the panel of the furnace. A gas furnace can last from 15 to 20 years provided that it receives regular maintenance. A furnace that’s more than 20 years old is a prime candidate for a replacement, but keep a close watch for one that’s 15 years old or more.

Excessive noise

A furnace that operates at much higher decibels than it once did means the system is wearing down over all, putting strain on motors and fans and other parts. A single odd noise can mean a targeted repair. But a rickety, clanging, grinding furnace is telling you it’s about time to replace the whole thing.

High bills

Please don’t give a quick glance at your monthly energy bills without taking some time to see how much you’re paying and if it’s rising without a good cause (such as an increase in the cost of natural gas). A furnace should be able to keep 95% of its efficiency rating through most of its life if it has regular maintenance. In those last two years or so, it will start to experience a decline. It’s better to start with a new system than to pay those high bills for another one or two seasons.

Uneven heating

When a furnace starts to lose its heating capacity because of age, the earliest effect it will have on comfort is that some parts of the house will be colder than others. If family members are complaining that their rooms are getting too cold (even if the center of the house is fine), it’s time to look into the furnace as potentially too old.

What about repairs?

Is it possible that furnace repair in Exton, PA can keep the ol’ heater going? Yes, and our technicians will tell you if they think repairs are worthwhile, i.e. they can keep the furnace going for a few more years without costing too much or a huge loss of efficiency. But they’ll also be honest if the repairs will cost much more than they’re worth and will only keep the furnace hobbling along a bit farther. For a furnace over 15 years, replacement is usually the best choice.

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