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Why Fall Furnace Maintenance Is Essential


Heating systems are an essential part of Pennsylvania winters. Most homes use a gas furnace throughout the cold months to keep their family warm. But despite how important furnaces are, people don’t have warm or glowing feelings toward them: they’re functional and kept from sight to do their job. The only regret a person might have when it’s time for heating system replacement in West Chester, PA is the cost to get a new furnace.

But giving some thought to the furnace in your house will go a long way toward preventing an early replacement. Your furnace needs annual assistance from professionals in the form of routine maintenance. This isn’t a luxury step, it’s an essential step! 

Below we’ll explain how giving your furnace this attention each fall is an enormous benefit that can help you stay comfortable, safe, and save you money.

Gas Furnaces Need Annual Inspections

Safety first! The most important reason to make furnace maintenance an annual fall event is that it helps keep a furnace working safely. Combusting natural gas can create dangers from explosions and leaks of harmful gases like carbon monoxide. Your furnace isn’t inherently dangerous—gas furnaces wouldn’t be allowed into homes if they were—but it can develop hazards without regular inspections. 

These inspections are an important part of maintenance. Our technicians carefully examine the furnace to look for trouble such as corrosion or cracks on the heat exchanger, low gas pressure, and compromised safety features like a faulty flame sensor. Once you’ve had your furnace maintained, you can enter the winter with minimal worries about the heater running safely. 

Maintenance Saves Money

You have to pay for maintenance service, but the amount you’ll end up saving over the furnace’s service life is immense. Here are some of the ways maintenance lowers costs:

  • Fewer repairs! More than 50% of repair problems are due to maintenance neglect.
  • Better energy efficiency! Your furnace won’t lose 5% of its energy efficiency with each year, which is what happens to an unmaintained furnace.
  • Longer service life! Instead of replacing your furnace many years too early, you’ll be able to enjoy 15 or more years of effective performance. 

Maintenance Keeps the Cold Away

Having your furnace maintained is like an insurance policy against it breaking down during the winter. Just like you want your car tuned up before a long road trip, you want your furnace tuned up before it tackles freezing cold days and nights. Maintenance reduces the chance of an interruption to your home heating, keeping your family warm and giving you important peace of mind.

Join Our Comfort Club for Great Heating Maintenance

When you join our Comfort Club, you’ll receive both annual heating and air conditioning maintenance, as well as other special benefits:

  • Guaranteed appointment within 24 hours, or else the diagnostic fee is waived
  • 24/7 priority service—jump to the front of the line
  • 15% discount on repairs and diagnostic fees
  • 15% discount on all indoor air quality products
  • 2-year warranty on any repairs

Get started today so you’ll be ready for a cozy, worry-free winter.

Call Signature HVAC for Signature Service You Can Trust! Enroll in our Comfort Club so you can have your fall heating maintenance taken care of.

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