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Is Your Furnace Ready to Retire Before Winter?


If it is, now is the time to have it replaced. The winter weather will arrive soon, and you want to have a furnace in West Chester, PA that you can rely on throughout the whole season and for the many seasons to come. 

You probably have suspicions about your current furnace, and that’s why you’re at this blog post. You aren’t certain if you should have a new furnace installed or if maybe you can get a few more years out of the current one if you have it maintained and repaired. The best way to know for certain if it’s time for a new furnace is to call our HVAC technicians and let them look over the heating system and give you advice about the future. 

First, we’ll go over some of the basics to know about when a furnace is past the point where it’s still worth keeping. This will give you a good baseline for working with our professionals.

The furnace’s age

How long can the average furnace last? A gas furnace can often last for around 15 years if it has regular maintenance, although it may last longer. Electric furnaces can often go for 20 years. If your furnace is older than this, it’s a good idea to get a new one, even if the furnace is still performing adequately. It’s coming to the point where it will cost more to run and begin to quickly decline.

The cost the run the furnace

Have your heating bills been climbing over the past few years, even though the cost of gas/electricity has remained the same and you haven’t used the furnace more than the usual? This is a major warning the system is coming to the end. Furnaces can keep their efficiency rating until the last two years of their service life. If your furnace is seeing an efficiency plunge, it may be in those last years (or year).

The cost to repair the furnace

How often do you need to call HVAC repair technicians to fix the furnace? It shouldn’t be every year. And you shouldn’t be putting more into furnace repairs during a single year than half the cost of a replacement unit; that’s throwing money away when you could be starting over with a higher efficiency system that will give you many years of worry-free heating. 

The furnace isn’t keeping up with your comfort demands

When a furnace starts to unevenly heat a house, leaving cold spots in some rooms, this is a warning that it’s losing capacity due to age. If repairs haven’t been able to turn this around, or the repairs are too costly (see above), then you should consider a new furnace.

The furnace has created safety hazards

A cracked heat exchanger, a gas leak, anything that set off the carbon monoxide detectors—if this describes your furnace and it’s already in the upper age range, play it safe and get a new one.

Our team will help you make the best choice for great, reliable, and energy-efficient heating in the future.

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