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Is Your Heating System Already Giving You Problems?


As we start to get into the first true cold weather that makes us shift over to using our heating systems, it’s a good time to pay close attention to how those heaters are working. We hope your heater gets off to a smooth start and that you’ll be able to coast through the winter without problems. If you do need heating repair in West Chester, PA during the season, we’re here to help with fast service in hours, not days!

But right now we want to address what happens if your heating system is already showing signs of trouble as you first start it up. There are some early signs you might see that the heater needs repairs at the beginning of the season.

But first: Have you had fall maintenance done already?

If you started up your heater for the season before arranging for its regular maintenance, then we’re not surprised it’s having trouble. A central heating system needs to have a professional inspection and tune-up each year to ensure it works at peak condition. It’s also when potential repairs can be caught before they become repairs. If you’ve got heating trouble already, call us to both look into the repair and do regular maintenance. 

The heater isn’t getting the house warm enough

This is the most common complaint people will have at the start of the heating season when they have a malfunctioning heater. Always check to see that the furnace filter is clean if you’re encountering lower heating levels, since a clogged filter cuts down on heating capacity. Also double-check on thermostat settings. Do not attempt to overcome the lower heat levels by forcing up the thermostat level, since this can lead to damage to the system.

The heater is unevenly heating the house

You’re noticing certain rooms are not getting as warm as they should, or are just plain cold, while others are fine. This is also a sign of the heater losing heating capacity, although it could also be due to duct leaks or a faulty zone control system (if you have one). 

The heater is making unusual sounds

Any type of clanging, hissing, banging, rumbling, or rattling can point to a range of issues with your heater. But unless the problem is as simple as a loose latch on the front panel, you should call for repair technicians to investigate the sound and find its source. 

The heater is shutting down early and then turning back on again

This is called short-cycling, and there are several different problems that can cause it. Short-cycling itself is damaging because of the extra strain it places on the heater (which draws on the most power at start-up). It takes professionals to diagnose the source of the short-cycling and fix it. 

The heater won’t turn on at all

Yes, a serious problem! First, check that the furnace switch is turned on and that no electrical breakers have tripped. If you can’t find a simple cause, then it’s time to call us before your family gets too cold.

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