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How To Winterize Your HVAC System


As winter approaches, you’ll turn off your AC and switch to heating. Is your HVAC system ready? There are many steps you can take to winterize your heating and cooling system, and Signature HVAC believes this is a wise choice. With the right winterization, you can stay warm and cozy while confident that your system is well protected.

Why You Need to Winterize Your HVAC System

During the winter, your air conditioner is not needed. Yet it sits outdoors, exposed to the elements, waiting for you to need it. Winterizing your system will reduce the wear and tear of this exposure, protecting your HVAC system and preparing it for the demands of the heating season.

HVAC Winterizing Checklist

Are you unsure where to start to winterize your system? Here is a checklist of things to do to prep for winter.

1. Clear away Debris

Before the winter hits, clear away fall leaves, twigs, brush, and other debris that have gotten stuck around your outdoor AC unit. Spray off the system with a water hose and let it dry completely.

2. Shut down Power

You won’t be using the air conditioning during the fall and winter months, so flip the switch on the electrical circuit that runs to the outdoor unit once it’s clean. This step will protect you from wasted electricity, and it will also keep the unit from kicking in when you don’t want it to in the winter.

3. Cover the Unit

Consider placing a waterproof cover over your outdoor unit. Doing so will help it stay dry when winter rain or snow hits. Further, it might help limit mold or mildew growth due to unwanted moisture in the system.

4. Consider Adding a Zoned System

If you struggle with inconsistent heating in the winter, your family’s comfort is at stake. One way to combat this problem is with a zoned system. Zoned systems allow you to heat individual zones or rooms in your home, so you get consistent comfort no matter where you are.

5. Change the Furnace Filter

This simple task should be part of your maintenance appointment, but if you’re waiting for that appointment, take some time to change your furnace filter. You want a clean filter when you turn on the heating system at the start of the year.

6. Add Insulation

The fall is an excellent time to add some insulation to your home. Doing so will make your system more efficient as you heat it through the winter and eliminate unwanted drafts.

7. Maintain the Furnace

Fall is the right time to have a maintenance check performed on your furnace. At a maintenance appointment, a technician will check the system inside and out and ensure it is cleaned and optimized. This check reduces the risk of a breakdown and improves the efficiency of your system.

Schedule Your Maintenance With Signature HVAC Today

If you are looking for professional help to maintain your HVAC system, reach out to Signature HVAC. We serve the greater West Chester area and offer professional HVAC services, including HVAC maintenance. Our trained, NATE-certified professionals are ready to help you optimize your system and prepare it well for the coming heating season.

Schedule an appointment with Signature HVAC for heating maintenance, and make sure your system is ready for the demands of winter.

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