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How UV Air Purifiers Can Make Your Home Healthier


People are worried about the air quality in their homes, and for good reasons. Concerns over the transmission of viruses are greater than they’ve ever been, and people are looking for ways to improve their household air quality. (Please read more regarding our special safety precautions during this time.)

One option people ask about is the installation of an air purifier in West Chester, PA. There are several types of air purifiers available; we want to focus on one in particular: the UV air purifier. This device can help defend a home against bacteria, mold, viruses, germs, and various microbes—but it must have an expert install it for it to work.

How UV Lights Clean Your Air

The idea behind a UV air purifier is a simple one: a lamp that emits ultraviolet rays. UV radiation is harmful to organic material because it causes damage to cellular structures. The UV rays either kill a cell outright or they prevent it from reproducing. When a harmful virus cannot reproduce, it becomes inert and harmless.

You’re already familiar with the effects of UV light if you’ve ever gotten a sunburn. This power is harnessed in a UV air purifier, although at a level that isn’t dangerous for you or anyone in your household. The ultraviolet radiation from the lamps in a UV air purifier is low-level enough that they will only harm unwanted organic pollutants.

UV Air Purifier Installation

A UV air purifier is installed in the HVAC system. The UV lamp is placed so it shines directly onto the evaporator coil of the air conditioner—which is a spot in the HVAC system where all the air must pass as it circulates through the house. The radiation not only kills off bacteria, mold spores, and microbes moving through the ducts, it also prevents mold from developing on the evaporator coil, which is one of the major danger spots for mold growth.

Protecting Your Family

A UV air purifier can reduce the level of harmful particles from circulating through your house, and it will also reduce odors (such as the dreaded “dirty sock syndrome” from a moldy AC). It is not a guarantee against the spread of all illnesses, however. Please speak to your technicians regarding the effects of the UV air purifier and the various pollutants it eliminates. You may also have other IAQ issues that UV lights don’t affect, such as dust and volatile organic compounds. Good indoor air quality in your home may require a few different solutions.  

It Starts With Air Quality Testing

The first step when it comes to improving your home’s indoor air quality, whether it’s with a UV air purifier or a combination of filters and other types of purifiers, is to have professionals evaluate your household air. We can find out if you have a “sick building” and the best way to make it healthy. We will leave a special air testing machine in your house, which will measure the indoor air for dust, chemicals, humidity, carbon monoxide, and more. We’ll use this data to get your home on the path of healthier and more comfortable conditions.

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