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Serving Chester County & Surrounding Areas


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What’s the most important step you can take to ensure you have a comfortable home during another tough winter in West Chester? Arrange for maintenance for your heating system with HVAC professionals! This maintenance service provides your heater (gas furnace, electric furnace, heat pump, geothermal system, etc.) with a thorough inspection, tune-up, and cleaning to help it work in peak condition through the coming cold weather. 

It’s simple to take care of heating maintenance in West Chester, PA: just sign up for the Signature HVAC Comfort Club, our specially designed maintenance program. When you join, you’ll not only receive an annual inspection and tune-up for your heater in the fall, but also the same quality service for your air conditioner in the spring. The program includes special membership benefits such as a 15% discount on repairs and priority service so you can jump to the front of the service queue when you need repair work.

Why Maintenance Is Mandatory

Heating maintenance is hugely advantageous for a heating system—but it’s not just a perk or bonus service. All HVAC professionals recommend annual heating maintenance for residential heaters. Without maintenance, a heating system will not perform to its manufacturer’s specifications and will not live up to the owners’ expectations.

We’ll list the basic benefits of maintenance to show you why we consider maintenance to be mandatory:

  • Extended service life: Look at the expected service life of your heating system according to the manufacturer. For example, a gas furnace usually lasts around fifteen years. That’s the expectancy with maintenance. Without maintenance, the number will fall, sometimes to half. 
  • Fewer repairs: A heating system can expect to have a few repair needs during its lifetime. Maintenance can keep the number to an absolute minimum, since the majority of repairs any heater may need are preventable thanks to the inspections and care of routine maintenance. 
  • Reliable performance: One of the best reasons to have a heater maintained before the cold weather arrives is that it “armors up” the heating system against breakdowns. The heater will be more reliable and less likely to fail during the season because it was properly maintained in fall.
  • Safe operation: This is essential for gas-powered heaters like natural gas furnaces. Maintenance inspections focus on ensuring a heater does not have any malfunctions that can create combustion or toxic gas leak dangers.
  • Better energy efficiency: The strain placed on a heater each winter will cause it to wear down. As it deteriorates, it will cost more to run because it must labor harder to reach its temperature goals. Maintenance prevents an annual increase in the cost to operate a heater so you don’t get swamped in unnecessarily elevated bills.
  • Maintain the warranty: The manufacturer’s warranty on a heating system can be voided if the system doesn’t have regular maintenance. You don’t want to lose this important consumer protection, and professional maintenance will help see that it stays in place.

Signature HVAC offers the “Signature Service You Can Trust”! Sign up for the Comfort Club today and we’ll take care of your heating needs.

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