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Do I Need an Air Purifier as Well as Air Filters?


If you have air filters installed into your home’s HVAC system, or you are currently considering it, then it means you have concerns about your household’s indoor air quality. You’re probably right to be concerned; poor indoor air quality is a problem across the country, and right now everyone is worried about indoor contaminants.

But are those air filters enough? Do you need to have an electronic air purification system installed as well?

The best way to find out is to work with our indoor air quality professionals. We can provide you with some helpful information while you’re waiting for us to arrive.

The filter on your HVAC cabinet doesn’t count as “air filtration”

If you think that you already have an air filtration system in place because you regularly change the filter on the HVAC cabinet, we have news for you: that filter doesn’t help with indoor air quality. It’s there to protect the inside of the heater and AC from dust and dirt coming through the return air ducts. For indoor air quality improvements, you must have a special filtration system installed into the ductwork separate from this single filter.

There are limits on filtration strength for your HVAC system

Air filters measure their strength as minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV). The higher this number, the smaller particles the filter can trap in its media. Basically, higher MERV means a tighter filter that will stop more pollutants. The simple filter on a window AC has MERV 2, while many home HVAC systems have 8–12 MERV.

There are extremely high MERV filters, such as HEPA filters. However, there is an upper limit for your home’s HVAC system on filter strength. If the filter is too strong (and over 12 MERV is almost certainly too strong), the filter will block airflow. This will damage the HVAC system and cause a drop in comfort in your home. Experts will help you find the proper strength of air filter for your HVAC system.

Air purifiers can take care of what makes it through the filter

Here is where you’ll start to see the benefit of the air purifier. An air purification system doesn’t use mesh filters to stop particles, but instead uses ionization, oxidization, or ultraviolet light to remove pollutants from the air. When the right air purifier is combined with the right filter, they work together to ensure almost no pollutants get past them—more than 99% of particles up to .1 micron in size.

Specialized purifiers

You can also benefit from air purifiers to target specific air quality troubles in your house. One example is the UV air purifier, which is designed to eliminate microbes, bacteria, viruses, and mold spores without resorting to chemicals. UV air purifiers are a popular option for homes, and although they aren’t a cure-all, they can help reduce the spread of germs around a household

You can trust us when you need air filtration systems and air purifiers in West Chester, PA. Speak to us today for great IAQ solutions.

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