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Never Put Off Furnace Repairs, No Matter the Time of Year


March is famous for its unpredictable weather, so you can expect to have your furnace regularly heating your home all through the month. And probably a decent chunk of April. But your thoughts are probably already turning toward spring and warmer weather. And summer comes after that! Your furnace will get a nice vacation and you can soak up the warmth.

We certainly encourage positive thinking, but it can sometimes lead into the trap of believing you don’t need to rush to have any furnace repair in King of Prussia, PA should you notice signs something is wrong. Odd noises, short-cycling, uneven heating, higher bills—these are all issues that need professionals to inspect, no matter the time of year. Putting off furnace service, thinking you can get to it in fall because warm weather will soon be here, can lead to some serious problems. Below are reasons we urge you to move fast when your furnace needs help at this time of year. 


A gas furnace isn’t automatically dangerous. However, a malfunctioning furnace is at a higher risk of creating safety hazards, and those warning signs you’ve noticed can mean troubles like gas leaks and combustion dangers are right around the corner. Don’t take this sort of chance: repairs are one of the best ways to keep a furnace working safely. 


Remember when we wrote that March is unpredictable? It was a few paragraphs earlier, but we need to repeat it because a furnace that has a malfunction won’t be ready for when March (or April) decide to throw a cold weather tantrum. We’ve experienced these temperature shifts before, and a wobbly furnace that needs professional attention is likely to shutdown when one of these cold snaps comes through. You want your furnace to be ready for anything!


Nobody wants to replace an important and expensive appliance years too early, and a furnace is a large and necessary investment for a house. Leaving a furnace to run with a malfunction will cause it to wear down faster, and this may shorten its lifespan.

Bigger Repairs

When a furnace is operating with something wrong with it, the problem will probably worsen. This is just the way with most malfunctions in complex machinery. When you delay repairs for your furnace, you’re asking for the future repair to be bigger and more expensive—and there may be more than one repair that needs to be done by that time.

Higher Bills

Do you want to pay more to heat your home during these last weeks of winter? A silly question: of course you don’t. But that might be the situation if you leave a furnace’s repair needs neglected. 

We make repairing your heating system fast and easy. There’s no reason to delay repairing your malfunctioning furnace when all you have to do is call our team and we’ll have the problem solved in short order.

Signature HVAC delivers Signature Service You Can Trust in Chester County and the surrounding areas. Call us for service in hours—not days!

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