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Own a New Home? Here’s Why We Recommend You Schedule AC Service


Purchasing a home is an adventure. It has its joys as well as obstacles, and once you’re finally ready to move in, it can feel like you’ve run a marathon or been on a 24-hour bumper car ride. Now you and your family are moving in and adjusting to your new house—and likely finding plenty of things you’d like to change or improve. 

We know this is, well, a lot. You’ve already gone through one rollercoaster, and now you have a list of other tasks. We want to draw your attention to one task that may slip past you, but which is one of the most important: schedule service for the AC. It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, having professionals inspect and maintain the central air conditioner can save you many hassles later.

The AC Inspection

During the home inspection period, the professional home inspectors give the HVAC system a brief look. They note the age of the system and give it a visual inspection. But this is surface-level and doesn’t go to the extent that an HVAC professional inspection does. So if you think the air conditioner already had a solid inspection, you might find yourself suddenly surprised with a faulty AC the next time you need it.

The Full Air Conditioning Maintenance Service

The work we recommend you schedule for your new home’s air conditioning system is full maintenance. This is often referred to as seasonal maintenance because HVAC technicians recommend all homeowners have it done each spring. In this case, the season doesn’t matter—the cooling system is new to you and you probably have very little idea of its condition. It needs the same level of service that any AC would need before summer.

The best way to start is to call us and sign up for our Comfort Club, our maintenance program that provides routine HVAC service each year. Tell us you’re a new homeowner and want to have an AC inspection. We’ll understand what to do—this is one of the most common and important jobs we take on as HVAC professionals. If the time of the year is right, we’ll also arrange to have the heating system inspected and maintained as well.

Our technicians will arrive at your house and go through a detailed list of checks, cleanings, and adjustments. This serves three purposes:

  • It checks to see if the air conditioning system has any faults that need attention.
  • It reduces general wear and tear on the system that can result in poor performance and a decline in energy efficiency.
  • It keeps the warranty in force (if the warranty was still in place, it will be transferred to you as the new owner). 

We will be able to quickly tell how well the system was kept up before you moved in. In some situations, we may recommend you have the system replaced (often the case if the previous owner kept the system past 15 years). We’ll point out any AC repair in West Chester, PA the system needs before it has to run again. When we’re done, you can relax knowing that this vital part of your house is in top shape.

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