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Signs You May Need AC Repairs


You want to trust that your home’s air conditioning system will get through the summer without running into any troubles. Who wants to have an interruption to their household cooling on blistering hot days? Although there is no way you can completely guarantee the AC won’t break down during the summer, there are two ways to help prevent it. The first we addressed last month: schedule a spring maintenance tune-up and inspection for the AC.

In this post, we’re going to talk about the other way you can stop an emergency shutdown for your AC, and that’s paying close attention to the early signs of a malfunction. Air conditioners rarely break without warning, and if you know what to look out for, you can alert our technicians and we can be out to fix the problem… before it’s a problem.

Increased utility bills

One way to tell that an air conditioner is struggling with a hidden malfunction is when your utility bills start to rise without explanation. Nearly any fault in an AC will cause it to work harder to do its job and drain more electrical power. Compare your bills for the last month with the bills from the same time last year; if there’s a big difference, it may be time to call a repair technician.

Strange sounds from the air conditioner

An air conditioner makes a standard set of noises as it runs: the whir of fan motors, the louder whir of the compressor motor, air moving through the ducts, dripping water moisture. When something interrupts these sounds that seem “off,” it’s not a good sign. These warning noises include grating, shrieking, hissing, clanging, and rattling.

The AC turns on and off rapidly

The compressor in your air conditioner is supposed to run in cycles of at least 15 minutes at a time. If the AC is shutting down its cycle early, then turning back on again a short time later, it is “short-cycling.” This on-off-on-off pattern is harmful for the components and creates major energy waste. It’s also warning of a repair issue, and it takes professionals to determine what exactly has caused it.

Ice on the evaporator coil

This is an air conditioner problem many people shrug off because they think ice is a basic side-effect of how the cooling system operates. It isn’t! You should never see ice on the air conditioner, and when it starts to appear on the evaporator coil, call HVAC professionals quickly. You may have leaking refrigerant or another serious problem with the AC, and it will soon affect your home cooling.

Uneven cooling

You’re enjoying cool temperatures in most rooms, but not all. A few seem hotter than they should be. This is a warning the air conditioner is starting to lose its cooling capacity—the most distant rooms along the ventilation system will be affected first. Don’t accept subpar cooling around the house! Call our technicians to get the problem fixed before you have subpar cooling everywhere in the house.

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