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Are Spring AC Tune-Ups Necessary Every Year?


When we first started writing a regular blog to provide valuable information to our customers about their HVAC equipment and our services, we opened with an urge to schedule spring tune-ups for air conditioners. This wasn’t a random topic selection: routine AC maintenance is one of the most important services anyone can have done for their home cooling system, and spring is the ideal time to arrange for it.

But we know that people are often hesitant about signing up for an annual service. “Is it that important to have this done each year? Can I maybe skip a year and not have to worry?” Well, you can make your own choices about this—but we strongly recommend you reconsider delaying service and never miss out on annual AC tune-ups.

Why Yearly Tune-Ups Are Important

Air conditioning maintenance in West Chester, PA, is necessary each spring because of the amount of work a typical AC does in summer. An air conditioner is an electro-mechanical device that accumulates wear and tear at a steady rate throughout the summer, usually starting in late spring and moving into fall. The motors suffer from friction, which increases as dust develops and lubricant wears off. Electrical components and connections loosen, and corrosion often starts to develop along refrigerant lines. Dust and debris builds up in the air filter. The compressor can start to overheat. Electrical capacitors eventually fail. In short, plenty starts to deteriorate in an AC over even a single summer of operation.

This decline may not seem terrible at first. You skip one season of maintenance and head into another summer. The AC seems to be working fine—but looks are deceiving. Your utility bills will start to rise, and you’ll find the air conditioner needs to have a repair done at the end of the season. The repair may not be covered by the warranty because the AC missed maintenance.

These are only a few of the immediate problems skipping maintenance even a single time can cause. The longer-term effects are worse, with expensive repairs for problems that maintenance would’ve caught early: leaking refrigerant, tight compressor, corroding connections. These add up to an air conditioner that will need to be replaced years too early (sometimes as early as only seven years of operation) after accumulating an excessive number of repairs (more than half the repairs it would’ve needed otherwise).

You can see from this that regular air conditioning maintenance inspections and tune-ups are investments. You may not see an instant effect, but the long-term benefits are enormous: fewer repairs, more efficient performance with lower utility bills, and a longer service lifespan.

Perhaps best of all, keeping up with annual AC tune-ups means you don’t have to worry that your air conditioning system will fail on you abruptly during the summer. You’ll be protected against the surprise breakdown.

We’re glad to help you with your AC tune-up as part of our Comfort Club. The Club not only provides AC maintenance, but also heating maintenance in fall and many other benefits.

Signature HVAC delivers Signature Service You Can Trust. Call us today to sign up for our Comfort Club and get started with your pre-season AC tune-up.

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