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Summer’s Over—Was It the Last Summer for Your AC?


The end of summer doesn’t mean you automatically stop using your home’s central air conditioning system. The heat can linger deep into the fall. But the main period of work for the AC is behind it, and it’s a good time to think about whether you need new air conditioning in West Chester, PA before the next summer.

A central AC system can last, on average, between 10 to 15 years if it is regularly maintained. If your air conditioner is in this range, we recommend considering how well it performed during the summer to help you plan your future cooling. You may be able to keep the AC going effectively for a few more years, or it may be time to get ahead of bigger problems and have it replaced during cooler weather.

Below are factors to consider when thinking about whether your AC just had its last summer or not.


An AC can need to be replaced earlier than 10 years, and some air conditioners can keep going past 15 years. Neither is likely. Unless your AC has never gotten any maintenance at all, it can probably have a cost-effective repair if it’s less than 10 years in service. And repairing a system that’s more than 15 years is often a waste of money.


I.e. is your air conditioning system cooling down your house as well as it used to? If you encountered hot spots in the house, noticed a rise in humidity, or kept turning down the thermostat farther and farther to get the comfort you once took for granted, then the system may be coming to the end of its service life.

Operating Costs

One of the major warnings that an air conditioner is dying is when it starts becoming much more expensive to run during the summer. If your electric bills took a steep rise over the summer, the AC may be at fault. A small leap in operating costs can indicate a repair problem, but a large increase means the system is probably on the way out. It’s better to start with a new, energy-efficient AC than to continue with an energy-gobbling relic.

Repair Frequency and Costs

If you had to get the AC repaired during the summer and it’s in the upper age range, start considering replacing it. A repair that’s more than half the cost of getting a new system is not worth it, and cumulative annual repairs of more than $500 are also not worth it. You shouldn’t need to repair the system more than once a year.

Noisy Operation

Has the AC become noise pollution for your home when before it only made standard white noise? This racket often means an air conditioner that has worn down past the point where repairs will help.

Call the Professionals for an Opinion

You don’t have to make the choice about replacing the AC on your own. In fact, you shouldn’t. You can trust our HVAC technicians to analyze your air conditioner and give you an honest answer about how to proceed. We can handle what service is necessary.

Call Signature HVAC for Signature Service You Can Trust. We offer service in hours, not days!

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