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Own a New Home? Here’s Why We Recommend You Schedule AC Service

Monday, September 13th, 2021

Purchasing a home is an adventure. It has its joys as well as obstacles, and once you’re finally ready to move in, it can feel like you’ve run a marathon or been on a 24-hour bumper car ride. Now you and your family are moving in and adjusting to your new house—and likely finding plenty of things you’d like to change or improve. 

We know this is, well, a lot. You’ve already gone through one rollercoaster, and now you have a list of other tasks. We want to draw your attention to one task that may slip past you, but which is one of the most important: schedule service for the AC. It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, having professionals inspect and maintain the central air conditioner can save you many hassles later.

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Why Does My AC Trip the Circuit Breaker?

Monday, July 5th, 2021

Has your air conditioner been tripping your circuit breaker? Are you worried about why it might be happening? This is a far more common problem than you might think, especially if you live in Pennsylvania. 

There are several reasons why your air conditioner might keep tripping its circuit breaker. If you are experiencing this problem, the best way to deal with it is to contact professionals for air conditioning repair in Newtown Square, PA, because they will know how to address this technical problem.

In this post, we will tell you why this might be happening so you can understand the importance of calling air conditioning experts immediately.

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Why Can’t My Central Air Conditioner Keep Up With the Heat?

Monday, June 21st, 2021

This isn’t what you signed up for when you got your air conditioning system for your home (or you inherited the air conditioner when you moved into your current home). You expect a central AC to provide enough cooling to keep your home comfortable, no matter the heatwave outside. And yet right now you’re struggling to stay cool even when the AC is working full-throttle. You can feel cool air coming from the vents, but it apparently isn’t enough. Why is your air conditioner experiencing problems keeping up with the hot weather?

There are many possibilities for this problem, and they range from simple ones you can correct on your own to more complicated issues requiring central AC repair in West Chester, PA, or even a full system replacement. Below, we’re going to get into some of the more common causes of an AC that can’t keep up.

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Is That AC Repair Worth the Cost? Let’s Take a Deeper Dive

Monday, June 7th, 2021

When you’ve had your air conditioning system for a decade or more, you’re going to begin to consider replacing it. Or at least you’ll think about it when the air conditioner starts to experience routine problems that require having professionals repair it. Repairs cost money, and at what point does the cost of repairs outweigh the cost of investing in a new air conditioner?

This is one of the Big Questions homeowners face with their HVAC systems. We’d like to shed some light on the question of whether an AC repair is worth the cost or if it’s time for a new AC.

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Warning Signs Your AC Is Leaking Refrigerant

Monday, May 24th, 2021

Last year we wrote about the role refrigerant plays in your air conditioning system: it’s not an energy source for an AC but rather how an AC removes heat from the air to cool it down. In that post, we briefly talked about why both too much and too little refrigerant is major trouble for an air conditioner.

Today we’re going to get into details about having too little refrigerant, which is a common cause for air conditioning repair in West Chester, PA. The refrigerant lines in an air conditioner can develop leaks due to corrosion, and this problem can start affecting an AC system after only five years in service—it’s not just an “old air conditioner” problem!

Refrigerant leaks need repairs as soon as possible, since a low refrigerant charge puts the entire system in jeopardy. But refrigerant leaks aren’t often obvious at first, so we’ve put together a list of warning signs that will tell you it’s time to call us to check out the AC.

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Summer’s Over—Was It the Last Summer for Your AC?

Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

The end of summer doesn’t mean you automatically stop using your home’s central air conditioning system. The heat can linger deep into the fall. But the main period of work for the AC is behind it, and it’s a good time to think about whether you need new air conditioning in West Chester, PA before the next summer.

A central AC system can last, on average, between 10 to 15 years if it is regularly maintained. If your air conditioner is in this range, we recommend considering how well it performed during the summer to help you plan your future cooling. You may be able to keep the AC going effectively for a few more years, or it may be time to get ahead of bigger problems and have it replaced during cooler weather.

Below are factors to consider when thinking about whether your AC just had its last summer or not.

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Short-Cycling—A Common and Serious AC Malfunction

Monday, September 21st, 2020

You may never have heard the term ­short-cycling before, but it may be occurring in your house right now. It’s a problem that air conditioning systems as well as heat pumps often encounter. It’s not only a serious malfunction that creates threats to your comfort and wallet, it can indicate a range of underlying causes. To fix short cycling, you will probably need professional AC repair in West Chester, PA.

We’ll examine what short-cycling is, why it’s a problem, and what may cause it.

What Is It?

Short-cycling is when an AC or other refrigerant-based system fails to complete its full cooling cycle and shuts down early. It then turns back on a short time later, only to again shut off the cooling cycle prematurely. The cooling cycle for air conditioners is normally at least 15 minutes, often longer. Running less than 10 minutes is a sign the system is short-cycling.

Why Is It a Problem?

Air conditioners are designed to have longer cycles, and when they begin to start and stop repeatedly over short periods of time, it puts immense wear on their components that they weren’t built for. The start-up cycle for an air conditioner is when the system uses the most power as it overcomes resistance to start the compressor. When an AC is doing this repeatedly over a short time, it both drains huge amounts of power and increases the work strain put on the system. A short-cycling air conditioner is at a higher risk of a malfunction or full breakdown, and it will also lose years off its service life.

Short-cycling also affects comfort in a home. If an AC doesn’t stay on long enough, it won’t provide even cooling around the house, leaving hot spots in some rooms.

What Causes It?

Many different troubles in an air conditioning system may lead to short-cycling. It’s one of the most common warning signs of other repair issues in the AC, including:

  • Leaking refrigerant
  • A clogged air filter
  • Frozen evaporator coils
  • Dirty condenser coils
  • An oversized air conditioner
  • An air conditioner that’s too old

For most of these problems, you’ll need the assistance of an HVAC professional to repair the air conditioner. First check for the clogged filter and put in a new one. This may stop the short-cycling, but we still recommend calling technicians to inspect the system for possible damage from short-cycling.

In the case of an oversized air conditioner, this is a problem from the initial installation—a common mistake that amateur installers make. The only repair for this is to call on certified professionals to replace the air conditioner with one that is accurately sized for your home’s cooling requirements.

If you have an air conditioner that is more than 15 years old, short-cycling is a warning sign the compressor is coming to the end of its service life, as is the air conditioner. Since 15 years is usually the upper limit for estimated AC lifespans, we recommend replacing any system that’s older than this. And short-cycling means it is definitely time to call for a new installation.

Call the Signature Service You Can Trust! Signature HVAC offers service in hours, not days—we’re here for your AC repairs.

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Understanding What Refrigerant Does in Your Air Conditioner

Tuesday, August 18th, 2020

There are several misunderstandings about air conditioning systems that have spread since the earliest days of residential AC, and which have only spread faster because of the internet. For example, people often think it’s okay to see ice on an air conditioner. (It’s not!) Or they believe turning the thermostat down lower provides more cooling faster. (It only makes the AC run longer.) One of the biggest misconceptions that can cause plenty of trouble for an AC is about refrigerant: what it does and how to deal with it.

This is your Refrigerant 101 class, where we cut through the fog and give you straight answers that can help you with your air conditioning service in West Chester, PA.

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What’s That Noise From the AC Mean?

Tuesday, August 4th, 2020

One day, we will have advanced air conditioners with complex AI technology that allows them to rapidly diagnose any malfunction (or even predict it) and notify homeowners they need to call for technicians. They’ll probably be able to automatically contact the technicians themselves. Since we’re not at that level of air conditioning technology (yet), we need to rely on interpreting other warning signs that an AC is on the fritz. One of the most common warnings are strange noises.

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Troubleshooting an AC That Won’t Work

Tuesday, July 21st, 2020

If you have an air conditioning system that won’t cool down your house or won’t turn on at all, it’s important that you leave any repair work to licensed professionals. If you feel tempted to grab some tools and open up either cabinet of the air conditioner, please resist! You’ll likely make the situation worse, and you’ll probably void the warranty. Don’t let any fast-talking amateur who makes big promises for super-cheap prices convince you to let them do the work either. Let our West Chester, PA air conditioning repair experts see that the job gets done right the first time.

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