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Never Put Off Furnace Repairs, No Matter the Time of Year

Monday, March 1st, 2021

March is famous for its unpredictable weather, so you can expect to have your furnace regularly heating your home all through the month. And probably a decent chunk of April. But your thoughts are probably already turning toward spring and warmer weather. And summer comes after that! Your furnace will get a nice vacation and you can soak up the warmth.

We certainly encourage positive thinking, but it can sometimes lead into the trap of believing you don’t need to rush to have any furnace repair in King of Prussia, PA should you notice signs something is wrong. Odd noises, short-cycling, uneven heating, higher bills—these are all issues that need professionals to inspect, no matter the time of year. Putting off furnace service, thinking you can get to it in fall because warm weather will soon be here, can lead to some serious problems. Below are reasons we urge you to move fast when your furnace needs help at this time of year. 

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Why Is My Furnace Having Trouble Coming On?

Monday, February 15th, 2021

This is not the kind of question you want to ask during winter. You have your thermostat set for a warm temperature, and the house is definitely cold enough—but your furnace is struggling to turn on, and maybe not getting there. Maybe you hear clicking from the furnace cabinet, and the burners turn on for a short while, but it doesn’t last. If you feel like turning on the furnace is as much a struggle as getting a car engine to turn over on a freezing day, then you may have an issue that requires professional furnace repair in Malvern, PA.

We’ll look closer at what may be happening with your furnace that is creating this frustration.

Always check the furnace filter first

This is a good rule of thumb for any time you’ve got an issue with a furnace not working the way it should or running up heating bills. See if the furnace filter is clogged up and needs to be replaced. A clogged filter cuts off the airflow into the furnace, and without airflow, the furnace will struggle to get the burners lit or any heat moving. The furnace filter should have changes every one to three months, and if you aren’t doing it regularly you can expect furnace problems like this to occur.

The ignition system or pilot light is in trouble

Few furnaces today use standing pilot lights to ignite the burners. If you have an old furnace it may have a pilot light; check to see if it is burning steadily. If you have to relight it and it goes out again soon after, it’s time to call for pros to look into it.

Most furnaces use a type of electronic ignition system to light the burners. Your igniter may not be heating up enough or creating strong enough sparks to get the burners going. HVAC technicians can replace the igniter to fix this.

Obstructed burners

A common source of a furnace that won’t easily start up is because the burners have dirt, grime, or carbon particles on them that’s blocking the gas jets and making it harder for them to get the oxygen they need to ignite. You can’t clean off the burners as a DIY job: professionals must remove the burner assembly and chemically clean it. 

Gas flow issues

If you hear a constant clicking sound from the furnace as it tries to start, it may indicate a problem with a stuck gas valve that’s inhibiting the flow of natural gas to the burners. Another possibility is faulty gas lines or even gas leaks. These are potentially hazardous problems, so we recommend shutting off the gas to the furnace and calling for assistance.

Electrical issues

The problem could stem from faults in the control board of the furnace. Gas furnaces rely on these electrical components as much as electric furnaces! Bad relays or broken connections can cause the furnace’s start-up cycle to fail. 

If you believe you need help to get your furnace back to working shape, rely on us: we offer service in hours, not days!

Signature HVAC offers the Signature Service You Can Trust! Schedule service for your heating repairs or other heating needs with us.

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5 Warning Sounds from Your Furnace

Monday, December 7th, 2020

When do you know you need heating repair in West Chester, PA for your furnace? An easy answer is “when it stops heating.” But if possible, you want to get your furnace fixed before it fails. This isn’t always possible, but furnaces often send out warning signs that something isn’t right. One of the most common warnings you may notice from your furnace are odd noises.

A furnace makes a standard series of sounds when they operate that you’ll come to accept as the background noise of winter: the whoosh of the burners coming on, the whir of the blower motor and fan, the occasional rumble from the ductwork as it expands with the heat. When other noises, either loud or simply strange, break into this soundscape, you may need to call us to investigate and fix the furnace.

We’ve listed below five of the more common furnace noises that will warn you something may be wrong. When in doubt, don’t try to tamper with the system—call us instead. We have fully-trained and NATE-certified technicians to ensure your comfort and safety.

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7 Furnace Noises You Should Never Ignore

Thursday, December 15th, 2016

furnace-repair-technicianAside from a very low-key hum, your furnace remains fairly quiet for the most part. So when a strange noise pops up, you know that something must be wrong. But how big of a deal are furnace noises? Do they warrant a repair call or even an emergency furnace repair? Find out answers to this and more by way of the team at Signature HVAC!

Looking for furnace repair that never lets you down? You can reach us any time online, or give us a call!

7 Noises That Indicate Furnace Problems

No unusual furnace noise is ever really a good thing, and in fact, nearly any sound is, in fact, a very good reason to call in for repair. But of all of the sounds you can encounter, these seven are the biggest and baddest:

  • Squealing. Irregular squeals are very often components that should be routinely lubricated that haven’t been maintained recently enough. This can be a big problem because many of them are prone to incurring damage without lubrication, leading to some pretty big furnace damage.
  • Screeches. Nine times out of ten this is going to be a worn out or cracked belt in your furnace. Of all of the sound on this list, screeches are both the most annoying and the least threatening. But once that belt breaks, you won’t be getting any heat until it’s replaced.
  • Bangs. Banging means loose or broken parts. This might be the biggest threat on the list, as that loose part can literally bang around and break other components, leading to massive repair costs if not a complete replacement.
  • Persistent rattling. A failing furnace blower motor is the most likely cause here. This is your best warning sign before the assembly goes out entirely, which can lead to cold nights in the near future.
  • Fluttering. Fluttering isn’t exactly the perfect descriptive here, but it’s kind of a hard sound to replicate in type. Thwap? Whap? In any case, this is often debris caught in your fan. Try sticking a bit of cardboard into a fan and you’ll get the idea. (Don’t actually do that. Just envision it.)
  • Long-lasting clicks. Does your furnace perform a rapid series of tinking clicks when it cuts on and off? If so, that’s normal. But it’s not normal for that sound to last longer than a minute. And if it does, you probably have an electrical issue on your hands.
  • A notable boom. Any boom is notable, and if you’ve been around a really old gas furnace system, you’ve probably heard this once or twice. But what that sound is is often a delay in ignition for gas furnaces, which can actually be kind of (very) dangerous. Call in for repair!

Essentially any furnace noise at all usually means a problem of some sort, and almost all of them mean serious business. If you hear a worrisome sound, go ahead and give our team a call for professional furnace repair!

Furnace Repair Services in Media & West Chester

When your furnace is acting up, you can always count on the experts at Signature HVAC to have you covered!

Contact our team to learn more about furnace sounds, or to set a date for your furnace repair in the West Chester area! From installation to replacement, we have all your furnace needs covered.

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