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Time to Have Your Air Conditioner’s Spring Tune-Up

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The spring is usually the season when people have the least concern for the indoor comfort in their homes. Winter cold fades, summer heat hasn’t arrived yet. The heating system turns off, the air conditioner has yet to turn on.

But this is an important time for HVAC systems—because during the period when they’re aren’t needed as much is the ideal time to have them maintained. Just the way that amusement parks use the off-season to shut down favorite attractions for the regular maintenance required to keep the rides running well and safely.

AC Maintenance Is an Essential Spring Task

When you hear an HVAC contractor recommend annual air conditioner maintenance, you might immediately think that it’s not that important. Why not every couple of years? Or why do it at all? The simple reason is that you can’t expect to get the best service life, performance, and energy efficiency from an AC that doesn’t have annual tune-ups. Air conditioners are hard-working mechanical refrigerant-based appliances. They wear down over time, and they wear down much faster if routine care is neglected. Here are a few of the consequences of an AC missing spring maintenance:

  • It won’t operate as long: On average, an air conditioning system without maintenance will last half the number of years as an air conditioner with annual maintenance. An AC kept in good shape can often reach 15 years of service. Without it, the cooling system might fail around 7 years—and that means plenty of the original investment goes to waste.
  • It will have many more repairs: Tune-up and inspections catch potential malfunctions early and provide the cleaning and adjusting that will stop many more repairs. Around 85% of repairs an air conditioner might need can be prevented this way.
  • It will waste energy: The stress put on an air conditioner that’s dirty, dusty, losing lubricant, leaking refrigerant, and generally wearing down will consume more power to run. An air conditioner uses on average 5% more energy each year it misses regular maintenance. You could end up spending a quarter more than you should each season because you’ve missed out on this important annual step.
  • It can break down at the worst time: Without a pre-season tune-up, and air conditioner will enter the summer on wobbly legs. The chance that it will abruptly fail during one of the hottest days of the year is significantly higher without spring maintenance. You don’t want to be caught scrambling to have repairs done when it’s unnecessary. (But we’re here with service in hours, not days, when you do need emergency help.)
  • Its warranty may be voided: The manufacturer’s warranty for your air conditioner probably contains a proviso that the system has professional maintenance each year or else the warranty is no longer in force.

To schedule your air conditioning maintenance in West Chester, PA, you only need to call our NATE-certified technicians and sign up for our Comfort Club. We offer 100% customer satisfaction and 24/7 emergency help.

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