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Is This the Year You Get a New Central AC?


This summer promises to be another hot one, and you’ll rely on your central air conditioning system to circulate cool temperatures to the rooms. But let’s talk about the word rely for a moment. Do you think you can rely on your current air conditioner for another summer? You may have concerns about its age, its performance, the cost to run it, and its overall … reliability.

Choosing to get a new air conditioning system is a major decision for homeowners. It requires weighing the pros and cons of continuing with repairs or going ahead with a replacement. In a few cases, the answer is obvious—such as when an air conditioning system fails so completely it can’t be repaired. But in most situations, the choice isn’t so clear.

But don’t worry. We can help.

How Old Is the Air Conditioner?

The first important piece of information to know when considering an AC replacement is the age of your current system. You can find the manufacturer date on the back of the condenser. If it’s not located there, write down the serial number and contact the manufacturer; the serial number has the manufacture date encoded in it. A central AC can last from 10 to 15 years on average, with the higher number the usual one if the system has had regular maintenance. We strongly recommend replacing an AC that’s more than 15 years old, even if it is still outwardly working well.

Have Your Summer Electrical Bills Increased?

When an air conditioner starts to near the end of its service life, it costs more to run as the worn-down components draw excess energy. If you’re paying around 10 to 25% more each summer to run the AC, it’s better to have a new one put in.

Are Repairs a Common Occurrence?

The first years you have an air conditioner, it shouldn’t need any repairs. As the system ages, you may need to call professional on occasion to fix it—but the frequency should not be more than once per year. If you find that you’re shelling out more than $500 annually to keep the AC repaired, you’re paying too much. Also, any single repair that costs more than half the price of a new system is too much.

Are You Interested in New AC Features?

Another possible reason for deciding to have a new air conditioner put in is that you want better technology to save energy and provide superior cooling. This is a valid reason to switch out an aging air conditioner, even if everything else seems well with it. You may want to look into a multi-stage compressor AC or one with a variable-speed fan. There are also air conditioners that come with dehumidifying features.

Ask the Professionals

When in doubt about the future of your current air conditioner, you can always get a professional opinion from our technicians. We specialize in high-efficiency alternatives, such as ductless mini splits, so you can trust us to help you find the best new unit if a replacement is the ideal choice. We offer 100% customer satisfaction and we have trustworthy, NATE-certified technicians.

Signature HVAC delivers Signature Service You Can Trust! Schedule an appointment for an estimate on an air conditioning replacement in West Chester, PA.

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