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Heating & Air Conditioning Services in Glenmoore, PA

Life in Glenmoore brings bright, sunny summer days and crisp, cold winter nights. With such a variety in the weather, your heating and cooling systems have to be able to handle anything! And in order to be prepared for any kind of weather, your heating and cooling systems have to be well maintained.

For many years Signature HVAC has been a trusted provider of heating and air conditioning services throughout Glenmoore and the surrounding area. In that time we have developed a reputation for putting our customers above all else, making it our primary goal to ensure the comfort of you and your family.

When you call Signature HVAC, you can be sure that your air conditioning and heating systems are being handled by consummate professionals with years of experience in this industry. Contact us today!

Heating Services in Glenmoore

In the middle of frigid Pennsylvania night, you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t harbor nervous thoughts about your home’s HVAC system (your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems). If the heat is running frequently, as it’s prone to do in the winter, you might be worried, “What if it breaks down?” “What if it needs a repair?” And the scariest thought: “What if I need a to buy a new heating system?”

As much as we wish we could, Signature HVAC cannot erase such fears. But we can do the next best thing by easing your mind; we’re one phone call away if you need:

Meanwhile, don’t overlook one tip that may bring you added comfort during the winter. And it’s one that may be going literally right over your head because like many Glenmoore residents, you may associate it more with cooling than heating: your ceiling fan. And it does work supremely well in the summer (keep reading to the next section to find out how). But when you flip the switch to ensure the blades run in a clockwise direction in the winter, your ceiling fan will push warm air down from the ceiling, where it naturally collects, and right down on you to keep you warm.

Heat Pump Services

Like many of your neighbors in Glenmoore, you may be drawn to the idea of installing a heat pump, which moves heat rather than generating it. It’s a fascinating technology, and the knowledgeable technicians at Signature HVAC can help you select a pump that’s right for your home. It’s another reliable way to stay warm indoors when the temperature outdoors is frightful.

Looking for dependable heating services in your Glenmoore, Pennsylvania home? Contact Signature HVAC online today, or give us a call at 610-738-8310!

Air Conditioning in Glenmoore

Your air conditioner is capable of triggering nervous thoughts, too. Like your furnace, it’s more likely to need maintenance or a repair during the summer due to its frequent use. You can relax by knowing that Signature HVAC expertly handles:

If your ceiling fans sit idle in the summer, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to stay cool and reduce your energy bills. It’s not magic; it’s about evaporation. When the blades spin in a counterclockwise direction, a ceiling fan produces a wind-chill effect—which is highly desirable in the summer. By evaporating moisture from your skin and cooling you down, you should be able to set your thermostat about four degrees higher—and not notice one ounce of difference in comfort.

This happy scenario gets better: on mild days, when you’re vacillating about whether to turn on your air conditioner, you may be able to stay cool with your ceiling fan alone, especially if the blades run on “medium” or “high.” At this point, the energy savings really compound.

Whether you need a new air conditioner installed or your current system needs to be repaired, we’re the company to know. Call us at 610-738-8310 to schedule services in Glenmoore, PA.

Reliable HVAC Company in Glenmoore, Pennsylvania

When it comes to maintaining a comfortable household all year long, you need a reliable heating and air conditioning system you can count on day after day. Without one, you might find yourself piling on layers on blankets on the coldest day of the year or using window fans when the temperature reaches a record high. From heating system installation to air conditioner emergency repair in Glenmoore, we do it all. At Signature HVAC, your family’s comfort is our top priority and we will do whatever it takes to get your heating system up and running again quickly and efficiently.

If you’re located in the Glenmoore area and are looking for a trustworthy company to work on your air conditioner, furnace, or heat pump, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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"I highly recommend Signature for HVAC service. The entires experience with Signature has been exceptional. The process was very customer focused starting from Scott McHale's engagement to organize the project to replace our old A/C, to an professional job John & Matt had done in installation, and Bob Seeger'r post installation service to troubleshoot the air flow damper, great job."

-Hosum Li

"Very confidant! Our technician Bob Seegar was great."

-Debbie Kaba

"Joe has been servicing our geothermal from Signature since the initial instalation. He is by far the best. When they call to schedule our bi yearly maintenance they know to send Joe. Not only is great at his job he has become a friend. Thanks Joe!!!"

-jim paolella

"I would highly recommend Signature for all HVAC needs."

-jim paolella

"Bob Seeger was our technician this time around. His level of professionalism was exceptional - it really stood out! Overall we are very happy that we switched to Signature several years ago!"

-Mark Kenney

"The Signature techs who come out to our house are always top-notch professionals. Very courteous, careful, and thorough. They always provide great explanations of the work that they are doing. I never feel like I am being pressured into unnecessary work or equipment replacement (like I used to feel with Service Experts). Today, Wade was the tech who came out. He was here exactly on time at 8am, and was done within an hour. Great work and another great service experience from Signature! Update 9/27/2016 - Today Bob Seeger came out to service our system in preparation for the winter. I was extremely impressed by his professionalism and courtesy. Before he started, we sat down and he clearly explained what he would be doing as part of the maintenance, and we agreed upon the need to replace the filter on the main unit, and also to perform humidifier maintenance as part of the work. After the work was complete he made recommendations for overall system enhancements that we should consider. Signature really has top-notch people working for them, and I continue to be extremely happy that we switched over to them several years ago."

-Mark Kenney

"Bob Seeger was our person to service our furnace and water heater. He showed me a problem with our water heater that could have been a major problem. He was very honest, great and so efficient! He fixed the problem. I am kind of hoping he will be the one to work with in the spring."

-Debbie Kaba

"Always feel confident with the work performed by Danny from Signature."

-William Stolting

"Bob was quite knowledgeable of the type of geothermal system that I have in my house. Before completing the annual maintenance/tune-up that I had requested, he asked relevant questions about my geothermal system (e.g., date of installation, last service, temperature preference, electric usage, etc.). After inspecting and servicing my system, Bob explain service that my system needed now and recommendations that would benefit my system. He explained the options in a non-pressured approach, as well as, the benefit in joining Signature HVAC's service plan which was helpful. Throughout the service visit, Bob was courteous, friendly and respectful. My wife and I were very satisfied and we plan to continue to use Signature HVAC in the future."

-John Schmitt

"Bob did an excellent job. He showed up on time, was courteous, and respectful. I recommend using Bob S from Signature Heating and Air-conditioning."

-Dennis Carlson

"Great service as always. Always prompt and knowledgeable."

-Adam Lusk

"Bob was very professional and informative on the heating & air condition job at my house. He is a very nice and caring person! Thank you!"

-Colleen Esgro

"Your whole team is outstanding."

-John price

"Daniel Cross (Signature) completed a thorough and quick fall service on my heating systems. What I liked best about Danny is that he spoke to me as a knowledgeable customer rather than treating me like a clueless homeowner. So refreshing to be treated with respect by an HVAC provider! He had an opportunity to "upsell" me on a service, but was honest and told me that it wasn't valuable in my situation. I would certainly trust him to service my equipment again, and would definitely recommend him to a friend."

-Susan Wentz

"Thanks again for walking me through the process and pointing out what was going on in my system. Mold be gone! Professional and friendly service. Thanks for your help."

-Mia Bosna

"Travis is another courteous, fine professional working for you!"

-John price

"We have a by-annual cleaning/tune-up contract with Signature for care and maintenance of our heater/air conditioning units. We have found this company to be excellent in their service and their very knowledgeable , friendly technicians. We highly recommend ."

-Ric DeAngelis

"We are very pleased with Signature and their very knowledgeable Technicians. We will be continuing our By-Annual service/tune-up with them...."

-Ric DeAngelis

"I have used Signature for about 10 years now. They provide excellent service. Bob Seeger was my most recent technician and he was on time, polite, informative, and technically proficient. I highly recommend signature for your HVAC needs. I have geothermal, and they are excellent at this technology."

-Charlie Phillips

"Mike B came out for the biannual check of the upstairs system--we had replaced the downstairs system in June---we are very satisfied. Mike was thorough, very professional, answered all my (sometimes inane) questions and kept the house clean. Good job Mike and thanks."

-sylvan hurewitz
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