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Air Quality Testing in West Chester, PA

How clean is the air circulating through your house? If you’ve already noticed more sneezing, coughing, sniffling, and other allergy-like symptoms, than you may know it’s not good. But even without obvious signs, your house’s indoor air quality is likely worse than you think. Many homes today are so tightly sealed from the outdoors that they trap numerous harmful pollutants indoors.

We want your family to enjoy the best indoor air quality possible. To start improving it, schedule air quality testing with the team at Signature HVAC. We have a reputation in the community for putting customers first, and we offer many superb indoor air quality services to West Chester, PA and throughout West Chester County. We’ll discover if you have low indoor air quality, and we’ll know how to combat the problem if we find it.

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Why You May Need Air Quality Testing

The "sick building" is a common problem. If you notice you feel less well when you’re at home, but nowhere else, poor air quality might be responsible. This isn’t a case of having a "clean" house—the sources of air contamination come from many common products and sources inside the building.

For example, pressed wood products, cleaning products, and cosmetics all produce chemicals and various volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Cooking in your kitchen and having an attached garage creates carbon monoxide. The growth of mold and mildew puts harmful spores into the air. Dust is almost impossible to eliminate, and dander from pets is a frequent problem. There are also pesticides, dust mites, and any air pollution from outside that’s gotten trapped inside.

Schedule Air Quality Testing

All those pollutants sound frightening, but solutions exist to take care of each of them. But first, your IAQ experts have to know what they’re dealing with. This is where testing comes in. The process is easy. Call our technicians and ask about indoor air quality services. Our skilled technicians will come to your house and leave a special air testing machine with you. This device will operate for several days and measure dust, chemicals, humidity, carbon monoxide, and other factors in your air. We’ll come to pick up the machine and find out what air quality issues are affecting your house.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions in West Chester, PA

Now what? It all depends on what we learn from the air quality testing. We have many services and air quality devices to help you enjoy a better life inside your own home. For pollutants such as dust, dander, dust mites, and other larger particles, special air filtration systems can handle the job. When there are smaller particles that can elude the air filters, we’ll install one of several types of electronic air purifiers. For bacteria, mold spores, viruses, and germs, we have special UV air purifiers that clean the air without chemicals. We can balance humidity with whole-house humidifiers and dehumidifiers. To help with better fresh air, we offer energy and heat recovery ventilators.

Get started today with a healthier house in West Chester, PA by calling Signature HVAC. We offer 100% customer satisfaction.

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