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7 Furnace Noises You Should Never Ignore

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Aside from a very low-key hum, your furnace remains fairly quiet for the most part. So when it starts making a strange noise, you know something must be wrong.

But how big of a deal are furnace noises? Do they warrant a repair call or even an emergency furnace repair? Find out answers to this and more from the team at Signature HVAC.

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7 Noises That Indicate Furnace Problems

No unusual furnace noise is ever a good thing, and in fact, nearly any sound is a very good reason to call for repair. But of all the sounds you can encounter, these seven are the worst:

  1. Squealing: Irregular squeals are often components that should be routinely lubricated and haven’t been maintained enough. This can be a big problem because many are prone to incurring damage without lubrication, leading to pretty big furnace damage and hefty repair costs.
  2. Screeches: Nine times out of 10, this is a worn-out or cracked belt in your furnace. Screeches are the most annoying and the least threatening sounds. But once that belt breaks, you won’t be getting any heat until it’s replaced.
  3. Bangs: Banging means loose or broken parts. This might be the biggest threat on the list, as that loose part can literally bang around and break other components, leading to massive repair costs if not a total replacement.
  4. Persistent rattling: A failing furnace blower motor is the most likely cause. This is your best warning sign before the assembly goes out entirely, which can lead to cold nights in the near future.
  5. Fluttering: Fluttering isn’t exactly the perfect description, but it’s kind of a hard sound to replicate in type. Thwap? Whap? In any case, this is often debris caught in your fan. Imagine sticking a bit of cardboard into a fan and you’ll get the idea. (Don’t actually do that. Just envision it.)
  6. Long-lasting clicks: Does your furnace perform a rapid series of tinking clicks when it cuts on and off? If so, that’s normal. But it’s not normal for that sound to last longer than a minute. And if it does, you probably have an electrical issue.
  7. A notable boom: Any boom is notable, and if you’ve been around a really old gas furnace system, you’ve probably heard this once or twice. That sound is often a delay in ignition for gas furnaces, which can actually be very dangerous. Call for repair!

Essentially any furnace noise at all usually means a problem, and almost all of them mean serious business. If you hear a worrisome sound, call our team for professional furnace repair.

Choose Signature HVAC for Your Furnace Repair or Replacement

When your furnace is acting up, you can always count on the experts at Signature HVAC to have you covered.

Contact our team to learn more about furnace sounds or schedule furnace repair in the West Chester area.

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