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Is a Geothermal System Worth the Investment?


When you’re looking for the best comfort solutions for your West Chester home, you want a system that is strong, efficient, and reliable. And if you’ve spoken to an HVAC professional, you’ve probably been told that a geothermal heat pump system is just the thing you’re looking for. But just as often as not, suggestions can come off as just a sales pitch, so it can be hard to tell when you’re really getting the right answer. Want to know the truth about geothermal systems? If so, Signature HVAC can let you in on it.

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Is a Geothermal System Worth the Investment?

Like any system, there are geothermal energy pros and cons. The hardest thing to accept about a geothermal heat pump system is that the average cost of initial installation is higher, and a good bit so, than a traditional central system or even an air source heat pump. It’s this upfront cost that steers many buyers away. But if you want the truth, the investment is actually well worth it. In fact, the initial investment isn’t even as bad as you might expect! How so? Well, let’s get a bit more in depth about…

Why Geothermal Heat Pumps Are Worth It

Essentially it’s all in the perks and benefits. It is, in fact, about what is unique to a geothermal system that makes it worth it.

  • Geothermal heat pumps are the most efficient. A high-efficiency furnace or central system achieves around 90-98% efficiency on fuel or energy consumption. That’s pretty good, for sure. But geothermal? 300% or more efficiency! How does that work, you might wonder? Well, the number cited represents the amount of thermal energy being generated per use of unit of fuel, which in the case of a geothermal heat pump, means that they are generating more than they are using, whereas a furnace, even of the highest caliber, doesn’t quite use the fuel source to 100%.
  • A geothermal heat pump saves on heating and cooling costs. Your average home equipped with a geothermal heat pump will save around 10-15% per month on heating and cooling costs, and in many cases that percentage is much higher. That means over time your geothermal system begins to pay for itself!
  • Federal tax credits cushion your investment. That big number can seem daunting, but actually installing geothermal systems is supported by federal credit, earning you up to 30% back on your purchase. With this in mind, a geothermal system is actually pretty close in cost to any other system, and when you factor in how much you save a month, means you’re going to be gaining within a short sum of years.

In the end, a geothermal system is exactly what we mentioned before—an investment. It just so happens that it is an exceptionally good one! If you plan on living in your home for five, 10, or more years, we say a geothermal system will absolutely in no way disappoint!

Geothermal Heat Pump Installation & Service in West Chester, PA

Think a geothermal system might be your perfect pick for a brand new installation? If so, we’re more than happy to help you get the best! Our geothermal service specialists have the tools and knowledge to guarantee an ideal product to suit your needs.

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