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Water Filtration Services in King of Prussia & West Chester, PA

Every home should have access to clean, safe drinking water. The expert plumbers at Signature HVAC install water filtration systems that let you and your family enjoy toxin-free water from any tap in your West Chester home. We provide on-time service in hours, not days, and we guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

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What Is Water Filtration & How Does It Work?

A water filtration system removes harmful contaminants in your home’s water after municipal utilities have finished the water treatment process. These contaminants and sediments (like those found in pesticides, detergents, oil, animal waste, and grease) affect the taste and odor of water and can make tap water unsafe to drink.

Harmful sediments that are removed using a water filtration system differ from those eliminated by a water softener because these two water treatment systems perform different functions. Water softeners remove calcium and magnesium sediments, which are safe to drink but wreak havoc on dishware, clothing, and pipes.

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The Benefits of Water Filtration

Water filtration systems provide access to clean water in any room that has a tap, allowing you to enjoy:

  • Safe, toxin-free water for bathing, drinking, and other daily routines
  • Savings on costly bottled water
  • Better-tasting food
  • No visible sediment particles on your glassware
  • Elimination of chemical contaminants that are hazardous to your health

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Signature HVAC’s Water Filtration Services

The trustworthy plumbers at Signature HVAC are ready to install a water filtration system that meets your needs and budget. Our highly trained plumbers have the skills and tools to install, replace, repair, or maintain your water filtration system, ensuring it runs optimally for years to come.

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Choose Signature HVAC for Water Quality Solutions You Can Trust

Signature HVAC is honored to provide solutions that enhance the water quality available to residents of West Chester and Main Line counties. When you choose us, you can expect: 

  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • 24/7 emergency repair
  • On-time service in hours, not days
  • Fully trained, trustworthy, professional plumbers

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often does my water filtration system need maintenance?

We recommend checking your water filtration system’s manual for exact maintenance needs. Generally, you should expect to change the sediment and carbon filters at least once every six to 12 months.

Do I need both a water filtration system and a water softener?

To determine if you should install a water filtration system, a water softener, or both, schedule a water analysis with a water treatment specialist. Water filters and water softeners perform different tasks, and it’s possible to have both installed in your home.

Will a whole-home water filtration system remove strange odors and tastes from my water?

Yes. The carbon in water filtration systems is what removes foul odors and tastes. Most water filtration systems use activated carbon filters to remove these contaminants.

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