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Water Softener Services in King of Prussia & West Chester, PA

If you’re looking for reliable plumbers to install a water softener in your West Chester home, contact Signature HVAC. Our licensed plumbers are available to recommend a water softening system that fits your needs as part of our water softener installation services. We also offer 24/7 emergency repairs and guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

Schedule a water softener repair or installation today when you contact us online.

How Do Water Softeners Work?

West Chester’s water is hard, which means it has a high concentration of calcium and magnesium. Water softeners remove these naturally occurring minerals by replacing them with sodium.

Softened water (water that’s passed through a water softener) provides these benefits:

  • Less risk of limescale buildup in pipes
  • Softer skin and hair
  • Extend the service life of water-based appliances
  • No chalky residue on plumbing fixtures (like your faucet or showerhead)
  • Softer and more colorful clothes
  • No spots on clean dishes

Contact us for more information about which water softener is right for your home.

Signs You Need Water Softener Repair

If you’ve replenished the salt in your water softener but still have these issues, you might need water softener repair. Signs you need to schedule service include:

  • Itchy skin and dry hair
  • Faucets get clogged with a chalky substance
  • Soap and detergent don’t lather anymore
  • Faded and stiff clothing

We have licensed plumbers available in West Chester to provide water softener repairs. Contact us online today.

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How To Know When To Call a Water Softener Expert

If your system eventually requires less salt or your water heater needs to be flushed of sediments more often, call a water softener repair or replacement expert who can diagnose the issues with your water softener and explain your options.

Speak to a water softener expert at Signature HVAC when you contact us online.

Water Softener Installation & Repair

The Signature HVAC team consists of licensed plumbers and skilled technicians, making us uniquely qualified to provide reliable water softener repairs and water softener installations. We can spot mechanical problems with your water softener and repair any resulting issues in your plumbing system.

Schedule a water softener installation or repair online today.

Water Softener Preventative Maintenance Tips

To prevent hard water from developing sediment buildup in your pipes, read the manufacturer’s instructions to maintain your water softener properly.

Here are a few general preventative maintenance tips:

  • Clean the tank with a mild detergent and warm water.
  • Inspect the brine tank for clogs.
  • Avoid using water in your home during the system’s regeneration cycles.
  • Use salt recommended by the water softener manufacturer.

Contact Signature HVAC online to schedule a professional tune-up.

Depend on Signature HVAC for Quality Water Softener Services

When you need water softener repairs or installation in West Chester, PA, contact Signature HVAC. We’ve provided quality plumbing services in the area for over a decade, and our fully trained and trustworthy technicians are always available to restore your home’s comfort.

Make an appointment with a water softener expert by contacting us online.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a water filtration system. Do I need a water softener?

You can use two water treatment methods to keep your water clean and fresh: water filtration and water softening.

Your water filtration system keeps water clean of bacteria and particles that can harm humans and animals. A water softener removes minerals that are safe for humans and animals to consume but cause problems for your plumbing system.

These two systems perform two different functions, so it’s possible to have both a water filtration system and a water softener installed.

How often do I need to add more salt to my water softener?

Check with your water softener’s manufacturer to know how often you should add salt to your brine tank.

Will a water softener remove odors from my water?

No, a water softener won’t remove odors. A water filtration system can remove foul odors from water.

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