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How Dehumidifiers Improve Summer Comfort in Pennsylvania

West Chester residents are all too familiar with extreme year-round temperatures ranging from below-freezing during the winter to excessive heat and humidity in late spring and summer. While your central AC is the best solution for cooling your home, it does little to reduce the discomfort and health concerns associated with high levels of humidity.

A whole-home dehumidifier is the perfect addition to any Pennsylvania home — maximizing comfort, preventing health issues, and helping reduce the wear and tear on your cooling system.

For expert dehumidifier installation, repair, and maintenance in West Chester, Media, and surrounding areas, trust the experts at Signature HVAC.

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How Does a Whole-Home Dehumidifier Work?

Our bodies produce sweat in an effort to regulate body temperature, effectively cooling the outer layer of skin as the beads of sweat evaporate.

While this process can be further enhanced by the movement of air from a fan or the cooler temperatures produced by your AC, higher levels of moisture in the air make it much harder for evaporation to occur, trapping the heat in your body.

A dehumidifier works alongside your existing HVAC system, drawing indoor air through the return ductwork. Warm, humid air is then pulled into the unit and cooled, and excess moisture is condensed into droplets of water and drained away.

The resulting dry air is then warmed or cooled based on your temperature settings, making your home comfortable for both its temperature and humidity levels.

4 Benefits of a Whole-Home Dehumidifier

Optimal indoor relative humidity levels should remain between 30% and 50% year-round to maximize comfort and health. In addition to helping you regain control over the level of moisture in your home, a whole-home dehumidifier has many benefits, including:

  1. Enhanced air quality: Moist, warm air is a breeding ground for pathogens, including mold, mildew, viruses, bacteria, and dust mites. Pollutants and irritants bind to minuscule droplets in the air and can easily be inhaled or can cling to damp surfaces and continue to multiply. Removing excess moisture with a dehumidifier makes your home much less hospitable to these microorganisms.
  2. Reduced energy usage: High humidity levels make the air feel warmer than it actually is, causing most people to lower the thermostat even further in an attempt to stay comfortable, increasing energy costs.
  3. Decreased mold growth: Mold and mildew stains can be difficult to remove and may permanently damage materials such as drywall, furniture, or linens, and in addition to being unsightly, produce a musty or rotting odor.
  4. Relief from allergies: Allergens can quickly multiply in humid environments, triggering symptoms in allergy and asthma sufferers. A dehumidifier helps reduce the irritation to nasal and respiratory passages, providing welcome relief and increasing comfort.

Schedule Dehumidifier Installation & Repair in West Chester & Media

In older homes where insulation levels may be lower and there’s a greater rate of air exchange, a dehumidifier can help restore balance to indoor humidity levels and keep you comfortable on even the most humid days.

Call Signature HVAC today at 610-738-8310 to learn more about installing a dehumidifier in your Chester County home.

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