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End-of-Season Furnace Maintenance

With the seasons starting to change, it’s nearly time to let your West Chester furnace take an extended vacation. But before you do, there are some things we would recommend you get done. End-of-season maintenance can help your system stay in shape while it waits for the cold to come back around.

When you need professional HVAC service, look no further than the team at Signature HVAC.

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What Makes End-Of-Season Maintenance Important?

It certainly hasn’t been the most disastrous winter we’ve ever had, but we got our fair share of cold, too. Your furnace has been busy and has accumulated some wear, tear, and gunk that should be addressed.

We do this primarily for assurance and to protect the system, so that when winter comes once more, it will be ready to get right back into it without trouble.

End-Of-Season Maintenance Tips

Many of these tips are quick and easy, requiring very little time or investment, and the benefits can pay off huge. Be sure to:

  • Change to a fresh air filter: clean filter means clean airflow, and your furnace’s filter is probably pretty dirty by now. Switching to a fresh one now means you don’t have to remember it later, and it ensures a dust-laden filter doesn’t infect your furnace with cakes of dust while it sits idle.
  • Clean up your outdoor unit: Winter doesn’t see the leaves and blades of grass that a spring or summer season does, but precipitation and dead plant matter can leave a hefty residue of salt, stale water, and gunk. Clear all this away and you can be satisfied that your system will kick right into gear later this year.
  • Do a solid dusting: Our winter season tends to be fairly dry, and this can lead to even more dust than usual settling onto your HVAC system. Clear this away to prevent it from getting into the furnace and prevent a common and dangerous fire hazard.
  • Schedule HVAC maintenance: With spring coming up, you’ve probably already set a date for your AC maintenance (and if you haven’t, get to it!). It’s a good idea to get furnace service as well, since a professional can identify potential problems that may have cropped up during your furnace’s operation throughout winter.
  • Consider a thermostat upgrade: Between seasons, when we don’t really need a furnace or AC just yet, is a great time to consider a thermostat upgrade. Programmable or Wi-Fi thermostats can offer many advantages, including improved comfort and efficiency.

Spring HVAC Service With Signature HVAC in West Chester & Media

Ready to schedule your maintenance service? Our experts are equipped and ready to help. Our maintenance is completely comprehensive and can offer you all the assurance and care you need to be ready to take on all seasons.

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