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Repiping in West Chester, PA

Residential plumbing pipes are not meant to last forever, although people often treat them as if they should. A good set of pipes may last for decades, but any house will eventually need some amount of repiping, possibly a whole-home repiping to swap out all the aging pipes. This is a big job, but you can trust the plumbers at Signature HVAC to provide you with 100% customer satisfaction when you hire them for your repiping in West Chester, PA or the surrounding area. 

We have earned a reputation for reliability and excellent customer service—people know when they call us they can expect service in hours, not days. We always aim for perfection on any job we take on, and we have some of the best plumbers in the area on our staff. If you think you need repiping, whether basic pipe repair and drain repair or whole-home, turn to us.

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Pipe Replacement

Pipes can age at different rates or incur damage that will require a partial repiping. When you have leaking pipes or drains that are clogging regularly, you may need to have a pipe replacement rather than a smaller repair. 

We have the best inspection equipment available to allow us to examine your pipes from the inside and determine the best path forward, which includes determining what type of pipe materials to use for the replacement. We’ll make any drain repair or pipe repair straightforward and see that you are 100% satisfied with the work we do. 

Whole-Home Repiping

When does a home need to have full repiping? It depends on the home’s age and the type of pipes it has. For homes that are more than fifty years old, the plumbing may be mostly made of galvanized steel and cast iron—both of which will corrode over time and may even put lead into the water. Even homes built in the 1980s may have piping that is too old and outdated. If your house is in this age range, we recommend you call our plumbers to do an inspection of the piping. They can determine if a whole-home repiping is your best choice. 

When removing aging pipes, we’ll use the best current materials: copper, PEX, CPVC, and other types of plastic pipes are the best replacements for older materials. Copper is corrosion-resistant, lightweight, and less expensive than iron and steel, and it doesn’t add lead into the water. Plastic piping is useful for flexibility and its ability to handle a range of water temperatures. You won’t have to worry about the right types of pipe materials being used—our plumbers will handle everything. 

Pipe Installation

Along with handling pipe repair and repiping, we also install new pipes for homes looking to expand their plumbing or make changes. We only use the best piping material, and you can depend on us to always select the right pipes for the job. Our piping services even include the installation of natural gas piping. Call us to find out more about how the Signature HVAC team can help improve the plumbing in your house in West Chester, PA and the surrounding area. 

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