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Water Softener Services in West Chester, PA

Hard water is common in the water coming through the municipal system in West Chester, PA and the surrounding areas. Although hard water isn’t a health hazard, it is the source of numerous and often expensive problems with residential plumbing systems. If your house has hard water, we recommend you have us install a whole-house water softener. Water softener systems safely counteract hard water with sodium ions. 

Signature HVAC can help you with any service you need for your water softener, from water softener maintenance to speedy repairs. We pledge 100% customer satisfaction, and we deliver on-time service in hours, not days! Call our trained plumbers to find out more about solving hard water problems in your house. 

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Water Softener Installation

Hard water is water with a high amount of minerals suspended in it, primarily magnesium and calcium. These aren’t harmful to drink and are common in many foods. But they present other types of problems for a home that may make it necessary to install a whole-house water softener. 

Below are some of the issues from hard water that can affect a house:

  • Mineral deposits inside pipes lead to an increase in water pressure throughout the plumbing and a higher chance of clogs. 
  • Limescale inside water-using appliances can cause extreme damage to them. This is especially true of water heaters, which can be ruined years early because of limescale build up in the tank.
  • The high mineral content leads to flaky deposits on fixtures and film left across glass surfaces and porcelain. This film will also appear on dishes and silverware.
  • Hard water makes it difficult to create soap lather. Because soap dissolves poorly in hard water, it leads to dry and itchy skin and flat, lifeless hair. 
  • Colors in fabrics washed in hard water will rapidly fade.

A whole-house water softener swaps out the hard water minerals for sodium, safely removing the problem. Our plumbers will make sure your water softener system does the exact job you need from it.

Water Softener Repair

A water softener can malfunction and stop working, or it may end up working too well and put excess amounts of sodium into the water supply. A broken water softener could also cause a drop in water pressure. No matter the trouble you have with your whole-house water softener, you can always reach our technicians for repairs: we offer 24-hour emergency service, and we’ll see your water treatment system is soon back to working the way it should. 

Water Softener Replacement

Water softeners can last for many years if they receive proper regular maintenance. Some maintenance steps you can do on your own, such as refilling the brine tank. Others require professional assistance, and the team at Signature HVAC can easily take care of this—just ask about setting up a schedule for water softener maintenance. We can also help determine when it’s time to get a new water softener for your home. We’re always trustworthy, which is why we’ve been a success in West Chester, PA and the surrounding areas for so many years. 

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